Eagle Point Trail System

Hike the Eagle Point Trail System comprised of Plant Loop Trail, Goldeneye Cove Trail, and Eagle Point Loop Trail

Primary Route: Start on the Plant Loop Trail, turn on Goldeneye Cove Trail, walk around the point on Eagle Point Loop Trail, and return on the opposite sides of Goldeneye Cove Trail and Plant Loop Trail to the parking lot.
Hiking Distance: About 3 miles round-trip. Plant Loop Trail is just under 1 mile, Goldeneye Cove Trail is just over 1.5 miles, and Eagle Point Loop Trail is 2 miles.
Elevation Gain: Minimal
Difficulty: Easy
Trailhead: Eagle Point Nature Preserve, 665 Black Road, Morgan, NC 28146

Hiking Directions: Look at the map here to get a better perspective of the trail system. From the parking lot, begin Plant Loop Trail on the right (headed south). Continue on the Plant Loop Trail until you reach a junction with Goldeneye Cove Trail and turn right onto the beginning of Goldeneye Cove (imagine this section as the stick of the Goldeneye Cove Loop lollipop). You will shortly reach another junction to continue onto Goldeneye Cove. Turn right. Continue until you reach another junction, this time with Eagle Point Loop Trail, and again turn right. Eagle Point Loop is about 2 miles and takes you around the point with views of the lake. Eventually it will join back up with Goldeneye Cove Loop. Turn right to get back on Goldeneye Cove and continue until you reach the junction that takes you down the ‘stick’ of the Goldeneye Cove lollipop. Turn right. Shortly you will come upon Plant Loop Trail at the same place that you entered onto Goldeneye Cove. Instead of heading back the way you came (left), turn right and the trail will take you back to the parking area.

Alternative Routes: Complete the three loops starting on the left hand side of Plant Loop Trail (headed east). The design of this park makes it difficult to get lost or turned around. Look at the map ahead of time to get a feel for the design of the trail system.