Gold Hill Rail Trail

Hike the Gold Hill Rail Trail

Primary Route: From the Historic Park parking lot, turn left onto the trail loop and explore the historic sites along the way.
Hiking Distance: < 1 mile (the trail is 1 mile total; the parking lot is located at the middle)
Elevation Gain: Minimal
Difficulty: Easy
Trailhead: Gold Hill Mines Historic Park, 735 St. Stephens Church Road, Gold Hill NC 28071 (note: be sure to include the zip code as there are two Gold Hill locations in NC). Additional parking located at the General Store a couple hundred feet away from the park.

Hiking Directions: Click here for a map of the trail. From the parking lot, facing away from St. Stephens Church Road, turn left to head north on the Gold Hill Rail Trail. As you pass historic sites, most have signs that explain the use and history. Continue straight along the path. Near the old stone jail and Miller Shaft, take the farthest left path that leads to the Powder House and Gold Hill Pond. To see Gold Hill Pond, take the left turn after the Powder House and you will dead-end at the pond. Return to the trail and turn left to continue around the loop. When you reach the next junction, take a right toward the Stamp Mill site and more mines. The next intersection connects back to the first section of trail. Continue straight to head back to the parking lot.

Alternative Routes: To see more historic sites and wooded areas, turn right onto the trail (when facing away from St. Stevens Church Road). This is an out-and-back route.

Additional Information: The trail is comprised of gravel and dirt, and is appropriate for walking or running, although wheelchairs and strollers may have trouble. Dogs are welcome. The E.H. Montgomery General Store carries booklets and other information about the town and the trail. Click here for more information about the trail.