Sugarloaf Mountain Loop

Hike Sugarloaf Mountain Trail at Morrow Mountain State Park

Primary Route: Hike clockwise on Sugarloaf Mountain Trail to pass over and around Sugarloaf Mountain
Hiking Distance: 2.89 miles
Elevation Gain: 503 feet
Difficulty: Hard
Trailhead: Horse trailer parking lot on the right of Morrow Mountain Road (SR 1798), before you reach the road intersection. Click here for a map of the park that includes the parking area and trails.

Hiking Directions: From the eastern corner of the parking lot, begin on Sugarloaf Mountain Trail. Quickly you will reach a junction in the trail - take the path to the left. Continue straight over a gravel service road and then a paved road that leads to the Morrow Mountain summit. At 0.68 miles, you reach the top of the ridge at 720 feet of elevation. By mile 1.06, you have reached the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain at an elevation of 858 feet. Proceed down a steep descent. At mile 1.61 there is a junction with Morrow Mountain Trail; turn right to stay on Sugarloaf Mountain Trail. At mile 2.12 you will begin climbing on an old roadbed, and shortly after you will reach another junction with Morrow Mountain Trail on your left. Take the trail to the right to continue on Sugarloaf Mountain Trail. Cross over the paved road leading to Morrow Mountain. At mile 2.85 you will reach the loop junction from the start of the hike. Turn left to return to the parking lot.