Camping Experiences

            Back in early-May, my wife and I had the opportunity to join several other couples for a relaxing weekend of camping in the Uwharrie Mountains .  Our timing was impeccable.  The forest canopy was emerging from the winter months into a lively combination of budding leaves, chirping birds, and a wide array of chattering insects.  Closer to the ground, dogwoods and mountain laurel were blooming in the warm sunshine. 

We selected the West Morris Mountain camping area due to its quiet, natural setting and proximity to numerous trails.  Our hike along the Uwharrie Trail took us across several crystal clear streams.  Spencer Creek , and its tributary Cattail Creek, provided nice cool places to rest along our trip.  Given last year’s drought, the simple abundance of water was refreshing in itself.  As the day progressed we got to see another example of nature’s beauty.

            For those who recall, the first weekend of May provided some of the strongest storms of the season.  Gusting winds, large hail and dangerous lightning blanketed Montgomery County for several hours.  During this time we were forced to take cover in our tents.  Unfortunately, few of our tents were capable of keeping all the rain and water out.  After the worst had passed, we gathered again in hopes of cooking dinner.  Standing under umbrellas and tarps we eventually got our stomachs full. 

            Reflecting on that trip several things stand out.  First, seeing nature’s beautiful displays of flowers and trees, as well as the lightning, made the trip a success.  Perhaps more importantly though, was the fun and fellowship shared by all the participants.  Despite the inclement weather we all learned more about each other than ever could have been learned in a noisy restaurant or other urban setting.  It was such a welcome reprieve to be able to carry on lasting conversations without the constant interruption of telephones, cellular phones or pagers. 

            Montgomery County is truly blessed to have incredible amounts of trails, forests, rivers, and other outdoor venues.  Many of these areas are rarely enjoyed as much as they should be.  During these warm summer months I hope you will take advantage of these wonderful local places.  Whether you take a child fishing, hike a trail with your spouse, or just escape for a while by yourself, take a moment to appreciate and be thankful for all the beauty this County provides.