Cool Weather Can Heat Up Fishing


Just because the leaves are changing and temperatures are dropping donít think that fishing season has come and gone.  In fact, just the opposite may be true.  Experienced anglers actually look forward to this time of year.  The combination of weather and concurrent hunting seasons mean crowds on area lakes are greatly reduced.  Less crowding means less competition for the best spots and fewer disturbances to the fish.  These factors can combine to create a much more pleasant day on the water. 

Local fishermen are fortunate to have quality lakes such as Badin and Tillery close by.  In the Yadkin River basin , these two lakes are known as ďclear water lakesĒ.  The benefit of having clear water is the fish are more likely to school together than in dirtier water such as High Rock.  To a fisherman, these schools of fish can turn an average day on the lake into one to write home about.  Clear water also allows the surface waters to begin cooling faster.  Once those surface waters begin cooling the time is right for fishing top water lures.  This popular way of conjuring fish into biting is by far the most exciting technique for bass fishing.  Badin and Tillery also benefit from having lots of rock structures.  Unlike soil, rock absorbs the sunís warming rays.  As the rock warms the adjacent water is also warmed.  For fishermen, that means rocky areas, such as rip-rap shorelines, provide ideal habitat for fall bass.  Fall fishing on area lakes will remain productive until water temperature fall into the lower 50ís.  At that time youíll be forced to go deep with slower presentation if you want to continue catching fish.

Crappie fishing is also very productive in the fall.  As water temperatures fall the fish become active in shallower waters, much as they do in the spring as temperatures rise.  When they invade these shallow waters these tasty fish become susceptible to live minnows and jigs.  If youíre lucky enough to catch a mess of crappies, you then owe it to yourself to go home and fry them up.  Crappie may be the best table fish of the fresh water species.  So if you start catching these slabs keep a few of the larger ones for a fine dinner.

I canít think of a better way to spend a warm, beautiful fall afternoon than catching bass on top water or crappie on jigs.  Not only do you have fewer people to contend with but you also have beautiful scenery, fewer thunderstorms, fewer mosquitos, and if youíre lucky better fishing.