Montgomery County’s Local Legends

            It seems every community has a few stories of a strange animal that exists, yet only a select few people have ever been graced by its presence.  Of course, the most famous example of such an animal is Nessie, also known as the Loch Ness Monster, in Scotland .  While Nessie may be a bit far reaching for many to believe it stands to show how local legends can become community mascots.

            My question today is this:  What have you, or your friends and family, seen in Montgomery County that maybe you shouldn’t have?  Recent television reports have focused on an unidentified, large cat-like creature roaming the woods of Randolph County .  Several years ago a black bear showed up in someone’s backyard near Randleman.  Further, I have heard a first hand account from a very skilled outdoorsman that he watched a cougar slip through the woods while turkey hunting in Anson County .  This story from most folks would quickly be dismissed, but given the source I have little choice but to believe it.

            If you, or an acquaintance, have seen anything out of the ordinary I would like to hear about it.  Ideally, I’d like to receive all of your stories and compile them into an article to be placed here in the Montgomery Herald.  So if you have ever witnessed something truly noteworthy please contact me at the number listed below and share your story.  Maybe you saw a strange looking cat, or your grandparents used to see bears frequently, or you’ve seen a rattlesnake of unbelievable length.  After all, what good are local lore and legends if they’re not shared with the community?