Morrow Mountain

            If youíve been thinking about getting out and taking a family drive, or maybe a Sunday afternoon trip, perhaps you should consider heading over to Morrow Mountain State Park.  The park is located just across Lake Tillery in Stanly County.  It offers a number of recreational opportunities as well as some of the best scenic viewing areas in the Piedmont. 

            Morrow Mountain State Park was officially opened to the public in the summer of 1939, but its history goes much farther back.  Many experts consider the mountains located within the park the toe of the Uwharrie Mountains.  These mountains are believed to be the oldest mountain range in North America.  In the 1700ís a man by the name of John Kirk set up a ferry that provided access across the Yadkin River.  At that time, the ferry was most likely providing access to the Lawrenceville community located in Montgomery County.  Many years later the idea of developing a state park in the area took hold.  Given the mountains, river and its central location the Morrow Mountain area was the perfect candidate.

            Today, Morrow Mountain State Park contains 4,742 acres.  This acreage provides a wide array of recreational opportunities.  Water enthusiasts can access Lake Tillery from the boat ramp provided.  There are also fishing opportunities available from the shore.  Hiking and horseback riding trails are also plentiful.  According to the Parkís website, there are over 15 miles of hiking trails available and over 16 miles of horse trails.  These trails cover a variety of terrain ranging from streamside areas to mountain tops.   They should provide a perfect opportunity to get out and stretch those legs before winter arrives. 

            Historical buffs will also find sites of interest in the park.  Dr. Francis Kron resided on the property during the Civil War era.   Today, his homeplace, greenhouse and other structures have been restored to their authentic condition.  These structures provide a perfect opportunity to see how life in the late 1800ís would have been.  They also offer a wonderful educational opportunity for local children.

            Finally, Morrow Mountain State Park is known for its tremendous wildlife.  The forests are full of deer.  In fact, the park provides a chance to see these animals in a natural setting where they arenít too concerned about the occasional passing car.  These conditions provide an excellent chance to get some close-up photographs of the animals.  Keep your eyes open because you might also see wild turkeys, bald eagles and all kinds of other wildlife. 

            Fall offers the perfect conditions for visiting the park.  Temperatures are on the decline, leaves are gradually reaching their colorful peak, and the animals are at their most active stages.  Perhaps more impressive, the park is within a 30-45 minute ride of everyone in Montgomery County.  So go ahead, get out and enjoy this beautiful public park during its most enjoyable months.  For more information on Morrow Mountain State Park you can visit their website at

or call the park office at (704) 982-4402.