Public Hunting Opportunities            

            As days get shorter and hints of autumn begin to surface many outdoorsmen are reminded of one thing: hunting season is near.  Youíve weathered the hot, rainy days of summer when it seemed that fall would never arrive.  By now youíve probably gotten much of your equipment out of the closet and began practicing so youíll be at the top of your game.  Finally, the chance to escape civilization and spend quite, relaxing hours in the woods has arrived. 

            Folks in Montgomery County are fortunate to have one less thing to worry about as they gear up for hunting season.  Many hunters around North Carolina and the rest of the nation must try to find a landowner who is willing to let them pursue game on their property.  This is where local hunters have a leg up.  Montgomery County sits in the midst of an incredible amount of public hunting opportunities.  The Uwharrie National Forest is comprised of roughly 50,000 acres of public hunting opportunities.  Much of the forest has easy access via roadways.  However, if youíre willing to put in a little extra hiking there are still places throughout the forest that very rarely see a human visitor.  Such areas can provide an excellent opportunity to harvest an animal in a very natural setting. 

            If hunters still long for more public lands they only have to travel a few miles outside of the county.  The Sandhills Game Land in Richmond and Scotland Counties is one of the largest state owned properties in the entire southeast at approximately 57,500 acres.  Owned and managed by the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commision, the Sandhills Game Land has become known throughout the state for its vast size and incredible hunting opportunities. 

            One additional public hunting opportunity lies along the Pee Dee River in Anson County .  The Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge contains nearly 8,000 acres of property managed entirely for wildlife.  Many of the hunts on this property are through a drawing system.  However, if youíre interested in hunting some of the most productive property in the state the Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge may be worth a look. 

            Many folks from throughout North Carolina travel to these areas to pursue the game of their choice.  During their quest they spend untold dollars at local supply stores, gas stations, hotels and restaurants.  These dollars being brought into the local economy also come with a very small price tag for the community.  Hunters and fishermen donít need extensive infrastructure improvements to continue coming to Montgomery County .  They generally donít warrant additional police services or administrative costs.  All they want is a friendly community with lots of wildlife.  And in Montgomery County thatís exactly what theyíve found: a friendly community with lots of wildlife.