Not Your Typical Resolutions

             New Yearís Resolutions receive so much attention in the media today that very few people take them seriously.  Sure, everyone is gonna lose those ten extra pounds that have silently formed around their waste line.  Who isnít going to make this the year they get all of their financial concerns taken care of?  And who among us isnít gonna make a better effort to keep in touch with those long-lost friends in far away places.  Weíre all guilty of setting high ambitions for ourselves, most of which will be ancient memories come the warm weather of spring time.  In light of this I would like to suggest a few very simple resolutions for all of us to aspire to.

 1.      Take a kid fishing.  If you have kids youíve probably already witnessed the excitement a child enjoys while trying to catch a fish.  For those without kids, try making it a point to collaborate with someone less fortunate to ensure their children are treated to a fishing trip.  Perhaps the best part of this resolution is that it makes very little difference if you catch something or not.  Regardless of your success, youíll get the satisfaction of seeing children smile while at the same time instilling that long-lost virtue: patience. 

 2.      Have a seat in the woods.  Without some quiet time to yourself it is very difficult to grasp what a hectic, busy world we live in.  Those who are caught up in this daily bustle often donít even realize that itís happening to them.  So sometime this year make yourself set aside an hour or two and walk into the woods and sit down at the base of an old oak tree.  Donít bring your problems with you just bring yourself.  While youíre out there see what all you notice.  Watch for small animals like squirrels and birds as they go about their business.  Perhaps more importantly appreciate how relaxed you feel when you start to walk out.  Amazingly, those upcoming challenges you feared were just too much wonít seem quite as daunting after a peaceful seat in the woods.

 3.      Take a walk with a friend.  Many times we have company over and just sit in the house and stare at the television together.  This year, at least once, we should all take a nice long walk with a friend.  The exercise will be good for you both and youíll be surprised how much easier it is to catch up without all the distractions.  Once you try it youíll likely want to try it more than just that one time.

 If youíre still bent on ordering that $100 Thigh-Master to get back into those jeans youíve been hanging on to then best of luck to you.  But, if youíd like to set a few simple resolutions that may help you gain a true sense of satisfaction try these three activities.  If you like them you can always continue doing them, and if you donít then, well, at least you gave it a try.