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For information on the protection of property in Anson, Montgomery, Randolph, Richmond, and Stanly counties,
contact the Uwharrie Office.


The Wesfell Preserve

Our Mission

If we expect to enjoy the rural landscapes and natural areas of Central North Carolina in the future, we must act now to preserve them.

The appetite for land seems insatiable. Hundreds of acres of agricultural lands, natural areas and open spaces, historic sites and timberland that have defined Central North Carolina since time immemorial, vanish each day.

Operating in a ten - county region - Anson, Cabarrus, Davidson, Davie, Iredell, Montgomery, Randolph, Richmond, Rowan and Stanly - The LandTrust for Central North Carolina believes that we must leave a legacy for future generations.

Our leadership - a broad cross section of citizens like you and me - have come together to offer reasonable, attractive options to landowners who want to save their lands for future generations to enjoy. Our mission is to work thoughtfully and selectively with property owners to preserve our lands, our vistas and the essential nature of our region.

LandTrust Video Commercial

Check out this video and see what The LandTrust is doing to protect our important natural resources in Central North Carolina!  Video produced by JG Media LLC.  

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