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NC State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP)
A Proactive Approach to Conservation

North Carolina has always been a leader in the conservation and protection of wild animals and the habitats they need to thrive. Since 2001 the state has participated in an initiative, the State Wildlife Grants Program, to increase attention and resources to wildlife conservation.  Recognizing that our nation's wildlife was at risk, Congress mandated that each state develop a strategy to protect its wildlife habitat resources. The State Wildlife Action Plan is the result of these efforts.

North Carolina's State Wildlife Action Plan identifies 371 priority species most in need of protection, and assesses North Carolina's 23 habitat types and 17 river basins. It allows these species to be matched to their habitat types and river basins, which provides a framework to strategically evaluate and determine specific conservation actions.

The State Wildlife Action Plan is a cost-effective, proactive approach to the conservation of entire wildlife communities, including those fish and wildlife species for which management has been traditionally under-funded.

For state, local and federal agencies, and non-profit conservation groups, it is a critical tool to guide decisions on which lands to protect, where to target increased funding for conservation purchases and wildlife management programs, and where partners can work collectively to achieve shared goals.

A full copy of the State Wildlife Action Plan can be ordered on CD or downloaded from the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission Web site at

For more information on North Carolina's State Wildlife Action Plan, contact the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, Wildlife Diversity Program, 1751 Varsity Dr., Raleigh, NC 27606.

The goals of the N.C. State Wildlife Action Plan are to:

  • Improve our understanding of species diversity and enhance our ability to make sound conservation and management decisions to protect wildlife.
  • Conserve and enhance habitats and the ecological communities they support.
  • Foster partnerships and cooperative efforts among natural resource agencies, non-profit conservation organizations, academia and private industry.
  • Promote outreach to citizens and conservation stakeholders.
  • Sustain and improve existing regulations, programs and funding aimed at conserving habitats and communities.

In land conservation, North Carolina's State Wildlife Conservation Plan can be used by government agencies, land trusts and other conservation groups to target the most critical properties for wildlife protection. The action plan can be used by private landowners to protect and improve habitat on their property, or by local governments to make urban parks and recreation areas wildlife-friendly. Information in the plan can help set priorities for funding land protection based on the sites wildlife value and also help assess whether the property can be used for hunting, hiking or other recreational opportunities.

Once a property is bought or placed under a conservation agreement, the State Wildlife Action Plan can help guide management of that land in ways that sustain habitats and the species they support.

Educators can mine the SWAP for information about animal species and habitat across North Carolina. It can be used in conjunction with other offerings of the Wildlife Resources Commission, including its four education centers and Project WILD, a popular conservation and environmental education program for students in kindergarten through high school.

SWAP and The LandTrust for Central NC

Through a partnership with the Doris Duke Foundation and The Conservation Fund, The LandTrust has been able to use SWG funding to secure the King Mountain Property, which fills a gap in the Uwharrie Recreational Trail, houses rare plants, a unique Piedmont Monadnock forest, and mature hardwood trees, habitat for many of our state's species, including the eastern box turtle. The goal of SWAP to keep common animals common ensures that all species, including humans, have a healthy and happy home. For more information about this project, please check out the King Mountain Property page under our Protected Property Section of our website, or by clicking here.

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OSPC Growth Maps

Check out these urban growth maps on the Open Space Protection Collaborative website:

Click Here

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Fun LandTrust Videos!
We're on youtube!

The LandTrust has some neat youtube videos available. Check out these links to find out what's going on at The LandTrust!

LandTrust Commercial

Cooleemee Plantation

Fox Farm

Ezra Gilliam Farm

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LandTrust is pleased to announce protection of newest Uwharrie Property!
Check out gorgeous pictures of this fantastic property and watch the video!

The LandTrust for Central NC would like to announce the protection of a unique property in the Uwharries. The LandTrust recently purchased 245 acres of a larger 308 acre tract which has long been considered one of the most important unprotected large parcels in the Uwharrie National Forest / Morrow Mountain State Park area. With the closing, they also received a three year option to purchase the remaining 63 acres, which fronts on Lake Tillery directly across from Morrow Mountain State Park. The LandTrust is partnering with the national conservation group Trust for Public Land (TPL) to ensure that this special property is made available for public use and recreation in the near future.

This 245 acre property is located at the convergence of the Uwharrie River and Dutchman's Creek, adjacent to the confluence of the Uwharrie River and Lake Tillery. It is at this point where the "Yadkin River" becomes the "Pee Dee River." The recently purchased parcel is located directly across from the boat launch in Morrow Mountain State Park, and is prominently visible from many hiking trails within the park. The land to be protected features unique natural rock formations, a rare and scenic piedmont waterfall, scenic vistas of the Uwharrie Mountains and Morrow Mountain State Park, and access to both Lake Tillery and the Uwharrie River. There are also significant archaeological resources on this property which will be studied and protected.

"We are extremely proud and excited to announce the conservation of this tract, long considered one of the most important land conservation opportunities in the region," says Jason Walser, executive director of The LandTrust. "Our long-term goal is to see this property opened to the public as an expansion of Morrow Mountain State Park or perhaps an expansion of the Uwharrie National Forest. For many years, we have been working to make the Uwharrie National Forest and the Uwharrie River more accessible to the public, and this parcel is an absolutely critical piece in terms of enhancing the paddling and fishing opportunities on the Uwharrie River. It also represents the only opportunity to tie the 25 mile Uwharrie Recreation Trail into Lake Tillery, as well as Falls and Badin Reservoirs. The public recreational opportunities for this parcel truly cannot be overstated."

Walser says the tract was acquired with major assistance from a private donor who has provided financial assistance for other Uwharrie area conservation projects. Fundraising for the second phase of the property is just beginning, and donations from the public are encouraged.

Please click the following link as well to view a presentation on site of
Native American projectile points found on the property by Mr. Arron Capel
to Jason Walser, Executive Director of The LandTrust.

Thanks so much to all who were instrumental in seeing this spectacular
property conserved for future generations. For more information, please email The LandTrust at More pictures of this beautiful property can be seen on The LandTrust's Facebook page.

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Epic Canoe Trip Featured in Salisbury Post

The LandTrust hosted over 60 people in close to 40 canoes and kayaks on the Yadkin River this Sunday, our largest turnout ever for a canoe trip! Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed a beautiful April afternoon on one of our region's most important natural resources . . . and a special thanks to the boys and adult leaders of Boy Scout Troop 442. By providing canoes, transportation and physical assistance on Sunday, the Scouts literally made this trip possible. Thanks 442!
The trip was featured in this morning's Salisbury Post:
 LandTrust canoe trip story
A photo album from the trip can be seen at:
 Canoe Trip Photo Gallery
And a special thank you to Post reporter Steve Huffman and photographer John Lakey for their coverage of the event.

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2/18/2007 to 1/18/2007
Ways to Give

Find out more about the many ways that you can leave a legacy by donating to The LandTrust.  Check out this brochure (developed by for more information.

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Creepy Crawly Walk Article

Article on the Creepy Crawly Walk in the Salisbury Post

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Davidson County Artist's Latest Work will Benefit Land Protection in North Carolina's Heartland!

The LandTrust for Central North Carolina is pleased to announce the release of "Carolina Wild", a limited edition giclee (an individually produced, high-resolution, high fidelity reproduction done on a special large format printer) of an original watercolor by Carolyn M. Henion.  This offering marks the first public release by the emerging Piedmont artist who has gained notice through her depictions of North Carolina botanicals.  She is a life-long naturalist whose love of our outdoor treasures is reflected in her art.

The artist is an avid supporter of regional preservation organizations.  In that spirit, a portion of the proceeds from "Carolina Wild" will go to The LandTrust for Central North Carolina to aid them in continuing their quest to preserve our outdoor spaces.

The State of North Carolina has numerous wildflowers that are ranked on the state or federal listing of threatened or endangered species.  This giclee includes flowers of our state ranging from occasional to federally endangered.  Flowers depicted include the Schweinitz Sunflower, which is present in seven of the ten counties served by The LandTrust, the Fringed Gentian, Gentian Villosa, Bottle Gentian, and Sabatia Angularis Gentian.  By purchasing this giclee you are contributing to an organization that works to preserve our outdoor spaces allowing natural treasures such as these to survive.

Orders will be available for pick up at The LandTrust office.  Shipping is also available.  These items would make wonderful Christmas presents!

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