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Dunn's Mountain

Rowan County

The hallmark conservation project of 2001 for The LandTrust for Central North Carolina was the purchase of well-known Dunn's Mountain. This 82-acre site is not only rich in history, but is also a true ecological treasure. Having been brought to the attention of LTCNC by concerned citizen Kenneth Miller, this tract was purchased through the use of a bargain sale from the Dunn's Mountain Pink Granite Company, a corporation from South Africa.

While this regional landmark has in recent years become associated more with the quarrying operation that has eaten away a small portion of the mountain face, this site has been of local significance for hundreds of years. Possessing extremely rare geologic structures to Rowan County, visitors have been coming to explore the beauty of Dunn's Mountain for many generations. A variety of vegetation not seen anywhere else in the Piedmont can be found atop Dunn's Mountain. But perhaps most awesome are the views of the surrounding region one can enjoy from the top. On a clear day, one can easily see all of the mountain ranges bordering the Piedmont namely the Uwharries to the southeast, the Sauratown Mountains to the northeast, and the Brushy and Appalachian Mountains to the northwest. And, of course, the view of Salisbury three miles away is unparalleled!

While Dunn's Mountain has been purchased by LTCNC, the ultimate destined use for this magnificent site is still uncertain. It is clear that many partners will be involved in the decision-making process, including leaders from Rowan County and the City of Salisbury. The only thing we do know for certain is that the property will never again be threatened by the dynamite, shovels, and machinery that have been tearing away at it for over a century.

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