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Brown Farm

Rowan County

By far, 2001’s largest protected tract of land came through the generosity and concern of the Brown Family of Rowan County.  A telling of the Brown Family story reveals both a keen awareness of the necessity for conservation as well as heart-warming story of a father’s dying wish.  

This past hunting season, Charles Brown III and his brother Arthur Brown made a commitment to one another – that their family farm near Cleveland, NC would remain in its current natural and undeveloped state for generations to come.   Regrettably, the two brothers would not have an opportunity to act upon their wishes together, for Charles would meet his untimely passing just a couple months later.

This summer, in an effort to fulfill their father’s wish, Thomas Brown and Christine Snipes, in collaboration with their Uncle Thomas, have accomplished that which Charles could not.  The Brown Family placed a conservation easement on their 250 acre family farm in Western Rowan County.  This easement will insure the protection of their land and permanent viability as hunting grounds forever.

Collaborating with The LandTrust for Central NC, the Brown’s have made a significant contribution to conservation in an area yet to feel significant developmental pressures.  Such development however clearly looms over the horizon, as Cleveland lies between Salisbury and Statesville - two cities rapidly growing towards each other.

The property protected by the Brown Family is distinguished by rolling hills, large pastures, an extended forest, scenic bluffs, and a stand out view of Young’s Mountain.  Andy Abramson, Director of Land Protection with The LandTrust for Central NC noted, “the Brown’s donation to conservation is quite remarkable.  Not only have they eliminated a tremendous tract of land from developmental consideration, but they have also acted as a wonderful role model for their neighbors.”  With the Brown’s as the catalyst, two other landowners (including family members) in the immediate vicinity are leaning towards doing the same thing to their land.  If these landowners follow suit as expected, it will result in almost 350 acres receiving permanent protection, which would constitute the largest permanently protected tract in western Rowan County.

Also of local significance, the Brown property runs adjacent to a lengthy portion of Third Creek, a tributary feeding into the South Yadkin River.  The protection of land surrounding Third Creek will ultimately result in the assurance of cleaner water going to the South Yadkin, which in part, provides drinking water for millions of people downstream.

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