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For information on the protection of property in Anson, Montgomery, Randolph, Richmond, and Stanly counties,
contact the Uwharrie Office.


Protected Properties by County
Anson County

Bishop Buffer

Kluttz Property

Rocky Pee Dee Farms II

Cabarrus County

Walker Buffer

Wickliff Buffer

Davidson County

Kepley Property

Teague-Smith Farm

Davie County

Davis Buffer

Iredell County

Gatlin Farm

Kenneth and Becky Gray Property

Reid Gray Property


Montgomery County

Cochran-Uwharrie River

Lambert Buffer

Tucker Property

Randolph County

Bevan Property

John Holton Farm

King Mountain Property

Lena Baker Buffer

Walbourn Buffer

Richmond County

Bill Webb Farm

Rowan County

Adams I & II

Adams III

Belk Tract

Gilliam Farm

Pence Property

Pickler's Bluff

Wallace Tracts

Stanly County

Bryant Property

Grigg Property

Leon Huneycutt Farm

Mauney Property

McSwain Farm

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